Keyword research is a fundamental part of marketing strategy, even if you think of yourself as an ‘offline’ brand.  You can use it to understand market trends, competitor share of voice, and to set the fundamentals of your SEO and content strategy. There are many free and paid tools that you can use to get started. The easiest and most obvious first port of call is the Keyword planning tool from Google, which was designed to help you map out your adwords campaigns. However you can just as easily use it to research for organic search strategy too. 

Here are some useful links that will get you started. 

Here’s Google’s guide to getting set up on Adwords

Getting more accurate keyword search volumes

This post is a little more technical, but explains how to access the more granular search volumes in the Keyword Planner (without having to spend money on Adwords.)

Further reading

From the basics right up to advanced, you can’t beat Moz. Moz’s Domain Authority score has become an industry standard benchmark for competitive analysis and is one of their free SEO tools.  Follow their blog for all things SEO and keyword related.